Louis XV Nogaret Chair

Louis XV Nogaret Chair

Chair with footboard by Pierre Nogaret,
around 1760

Original: Private collection (France)

An example of simplicity and virtuosity, this chair by the master from Lyons, Pierre Nogaret, displays a confident and original talent. The design of the back is rare in having three elegantlycurved rails ornamented with a double moulding in the continuation of the stiles. These rails lend a semi-cabriole shape which makes the chair more comfortable. The gently sinuous H-form footboard, which links the base of the legs, skilfully balances the graceful structural design. A smooth, carvingfree moulding is finished at the far ends of the legs by snail volutes.

PIERRE NOGARET (1718-1771) - The main leader of the Lyons production so sought-after nowadays, he was probably of Parisian origin. A master in 1745, he perhaps drew inspiration from Parisian masters such as Tillard and Cresson and from furniture of the Piedmont. But in his own style he was able to break free from the influences to create models of a generous opulence while at the same time rigorous and balanced.

Footboard : term describing a strut, particularly in the form of an H, which links the legs of a chair. It in no way indicates that it belongs to the Regency style, as is all too often remarked.


Product dimensions

Width: 51.6 cm - 20.31 "

Depth: 47 cm - 18.5 "

Height: 95.5 cm - 37.6 "

style Louis XV / Côté France Collection

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