Louis XVI Poirier Cabriolet

Louis XVI Poirier Cabriolet

Armchair by Philippe Poirier,

circa 1777.

Original : private 18th Century town house in Normandy (France).

This rare armchair from the master of the Rue de Clery (under the sign "au Poirier") is a very well-balanced example of the early Louis XVI style. The arm rests are still of Louis XV design, and the intentionally sometimes lightweight carving by one of the greatest enthusiasts of Greek-style formalism. Traceries, piastres, rosettes, acanthus leaves, water lilies, raies de cœur form carvings which are very happily arranged (even on the reverse of the back rail).
Also note the foliage leg ends, the attachment of the arm rest to the back, the carving at the top of the back and on the ends of the arm rests. The seats by these masters are in the Louvre.


Product dimensions

Width: 58 cm - 22.83 "

Depth: 52 cm - 20.47 "

Height: 88 cm - 34.65 "

style Louis XVI / Côté France Collection

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