Louis XVI Delaisement Cabriolet

Louis XVI Delaisement Cabriolet

Louis XVI Delaisement Cabriolet

Balloon-backed armchair, stamped DELAISEMENT, circa 1785.

Original : 18th Century furniture collection from an old house in Normandy (France).

This faithful copy of a delightful en cabriolet armchair from the Parisian master Nicolas-Denis Delaisement (master in 1776) has the finest decoration with very elegant proportions. The carving consists of fine tracery above the acanthus ornamenting the pronounced hollowed moulding of the arm-rest support, then bead mouldings, fusaroles and perlettes, which adorn the balloon-backed chair. The front legs are fluted and cabled.

The original has an inventory number inked on the reverse of one of the rails.


Product dimensions

Width: 60 cm - 23.62 "

Depth: 55 cm - 21.65 "

Height: 89 cm - 35.04 "

style Louis XVI / Côté France Collection

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