Louis XVI 2 Persons Bed

Louis XVI 2 Persons Bed

Circa 1780.

Original : Château de l’Isle-Marie, Normandy.

The headboard of this beautiful and original bed is different from the footboard, consisting of two climbing corners carved in buds, surrounded by acanthus leaves. Both parts are joined by a single crossbar.

The circular headboard gives a soothing cohesion to the whole model. The carving is made up principally of tracery at the head and fluting at the sides.

One such bed shown at the Borély museum in Marseille is quoted in the book of Guillaume Janneau : « Day Beds and Beds » – Moreau Edition.


Product dimensions

Width: 160 cm - 62.99 "

Depth: 200 cm - 78.74 "

style Louis XVI / Côté France Collection

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