English Queen Anne Chair

English Queen Anne Chair

English chair, around 1720.

Original : private Belgian collection.

Queen Anne (1702-1714) : English style corresponding to the first thirty years or so of the 18th century. It is a softer Dutch style ennobling the simplicity current during the years of Cromwell’s protectorate. This fusion with the English classical tradition produced the Queen Anne furnishing style that can also be found in North America in one form or another. This simple style even penetrated where the Rococo style prevailed, as far as Northern Italy, which was also influenced.

This beautiful chair with superbly curved legs has a very elegantly and vigorously serrated belt. Its softer Dutch style, characteristic of the Queen Anne style, which penetrated British classicism and the styles of Northern Europe at the beginning of the 18th century, gives a very elegant simplicity that lived on for a long time, notably in the American colonies. The fine “rocaille” carving, delicate and discreet, should be noted.


Product dimensions

Width: 51.5 cm - 20.28 "

Depth: 45 cm - 17.72 "

Height: 111 cm - 43.7 "


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